The infernos raging at both ends of California have created a double nightmare for residents. Many who fled fires found themselves stuck on traffic-clogged roads. Some died in their cars.

Severe Severe 'devil winds' expected to whip up deadly California blazes

Militants killed 15 civilians and 10 members of Afghanistan's elite special forces

"Hell In Paradise": Teams In Grim Search For California Wildfire Victims

Search teams scoured the carnage of California's most destructive ever wildfire for victims on Sunday, as the state-wide death toll rose to 26 with high winds hampering the effort to rescue property and save lives.

Death toll hits 25 from California wildfires as search for the missing continues

Relatives desperately try to find more than 100 missing loved ones, as wind-whipped wildfires raged Sunday on both ends of the state

Hearses stand by as crews search for California fire victims

With hearses standing by, crews stepped up the search for bodies in the smoking ruins of Paradise — and relatives desperately looked for more than 100 missing loved ones — as wildfires raged Sunday on both ends of the state. At least five search teams were working in Paradise — a town of 27,000 that

Daryl Osby says fire in north of state has taken resources which would usually be used to help deadly blaze in his area

Authorities called in a mobile DNA lab and anthropologists to help identify the dead as the search went on for victims of the most destructive wildfire in California history. The overall death toll from the outbreak of fires at both ends of the state stood at 25 on Sunday and appeared likely to rise.

Two deadly wildfires fueled by "devil winds" tore through opposite ends of California on Sunday, with residents urged to heed evacuation orders by officials forced to leave their own homes.

Firefighters Slam President Trump's Tweets About California Wildfires | The Weather Channel

The president blamed mismanagement of California’s forests for the state's deadly wildfires, and he threatened to withhold federal funds.

Residents of Paradise, Calif., who already faced harrowing escapes as their town was consumed by flames, are now struggling to cope with the lost lives and homes.

Death toll from California wildfires rises to 25 as firefighters hunt for survivors

California firefighters are embarking on exhaustive search-and-rescue operations for survivors and the remains of victims killed in massive wildfires as the death toll climbed to 25. More than 100 are still missing after a wildfire engulfed 164 sq miles of northern California.

N. California fire officials begin agonizing search for dead | WTOP

Sheriff’s investigators have begun the agonizing task of scouring through the wreckage of California’s most destructive fire on record in search of the dead. By Saturday, the death toll had reached 23, but it seemed likely to climb.

See California wildfires from space | Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire | The Sacramento Bee What the Camp Fire, other California wildfires look like from space

Take a look at the California wildfires, Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire, from above in satellite images from NASA from space. See the smoke in photos. On Saturday, containment was 20 percent; it reached 100,000 acres.